Friday, April 18, 2008

wish you were here....

In Sutri. This is the small town where we’ve settled for the month of April. About an hour north from Rome, it is near almost everything: seaside, mountains, lakes, Umbria, Tuscany, and of course, the Eternal City. Our little house is tucked into the town wall with two arched windows that take in a pastoral view of green meadow, country gardens, Roman and Gothic ruins, and two black and white cows.

Our first lunch in house is created from the rewards of our village provisioning. There are pacchetti, sweet little red tomatoes, and fresh cheeses, liver salames made down the street studded with orange, and still warm porchetta seasoned with rosemary and sage, and sliced thinly on our white china plates. The wine is white, a sparkling Garganega from the Veneto that is both dry and slightly sweet. Strawberries from south of Rome burst with juice and flavor.


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