Thursday, June 12, 2008


The garden boxes are builit. The paths have been tilled and rolled. The boxes have been filled with compost and water buffalo manure from the local water buffalo farm. Seeds have been planted. Wild chicoria, Zatta melon, , Bubikopf escarole, Cuori Bionda, Tuscan kale, verza di Verona cabbages, misticanza di radicchio, La Victoire and Bobis nano green beans, celeriac, celery. The plums trees are heavy with promise, as are the apple trees. Rain has come and gone. Intense humidity and 100 degree weather has come and gone. Violent thunderstorms have come and gone. Seeds are sprouting. So are indecipherable weeds. We wait for the little green leaves to turn into the fruits of our labors.



Maggie said...

You're garden is coming together beautifully. I may beg you for a tour on our next visit up to Vermont! My little one is coming together as well - take a peek here:

My friend (a travel/food writer) and I are also working on a book. We've just started looking for agents and hope one may come along who believes in "eating boutique" some day. :)

Hope to see you two, and dine up north sometime soon.


Deirdre and Caleb said...

maggie! Hello! Would love to give you a tour next time you are in VT! Just let me know!

Tried to go to your garden website, and couldn't link? Do I have the right address???

How goes it in Boston?

cheers to you too,