Friday, January 29, 2010

secrets revealed

We reveal secrets. Or at least we talk about our latest secret. Back in October, we pressed our first hard cider from our small orchard that abutts the vineyard. The caramel-colored juice quietly continues to bubble away in a cool corner of the dining room. We begin to steep ourselves in the world of old English and Normand-style cider-making. We are inspired by other local cider-makers, like the clean precision of Farnum Hill or the idiosyncratic depth of a friend's barrel-aged brew who hails from a sixth generation Vermont farm family. We unearth an ancient style of cider from northern Italy called pomelo that ferments the apple juice on the pomace of crushed grapes. Ideas and plans form. While the land is covered with all this white, we watch the light and it's mercurial changes. We become fascinated by temperatures and humidity. Barometric pressure and planets in retrograde.


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