Sunday, May 25, 2008

fresh eggs for sale

On the drive into the restaurant there is a little farm that has spent the last year getting spruced up. New white paint job, work on the porch, and now the barn is getting shored up and a new hen house. The farmhouse is on one side of the road, and the faded red barn and farmyard on the other. In front of the house is a little table with a cooler, a glass jar, and a sign that says “Eggs For Sale”. Across the road, laying hens and roosters scratch and squawk. They roam around the farmyard pecking at insects and worms and every morning the farmer’s very pretty wife fills their pans with yellow chicken feed. The roosters sing at passersby. They are a motley crew of breeds and bright colors with fancy plumes and red wattles. Their eggs are pastel blue, brown, pink, and cream. We stop just about every day to fill up our basket for the restaurant and at home. There is nothing quite so lovely as an egg cracked over the side of a mixing bowl, the yolk the color of sunrise.


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