Thursday, May 22, 2008

still waters run deep

The easy May weather has been conducive to the garden. We begin to clean the beds, roll back the grower’s plastic, and rake away the straw. We are met by happy coincidence. The lettuces we planted last year have returned. The radicchio shows in tight clusters, the wild arugula narrow and spikey, the Swiss chard makes a valiant effort, and another lettuce—neither of us can remember its name—has come back thick and hearty. Edda’s Bavarian white radishes, seeds from our German neighbor planted last August, have continued growing beneath the cold frame all winter. When mature, they will make a tasty treat sliced on rye bread with butter. The punterelle which never came up last summer, now has taken over one of the beds in sprouts. We count the days off, and think that sometime in mid-July, if not sooner, we can make that classic Roman salad composed of the curly white spines of the puntarelle chicory tossed with an anchovy vinaigrette.


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