Sunday, July 1, 2007

mission statement

In Italian, fuoricitta means "out of the city", and draws on the double meaning of all things outside of the city, as well as things coming from the city. We like the notion of the intersection of rural and urban. Our life and the work at our restaurant osteria pane e salute takes place in the country, and many of our ideas are informed by our rural location, but we also take great inspiration from the city and its urban energy. This site will be shaped by what we take out of the city and find in the country: food, wine, gardens, design, landscape, home--all that comprises what we think of as la dolce vita....

*photos of Schenardi, the uber chic gelateria and bar in Viterbo, Italy alongside a table set for lunch in the walled garden of the ultimate country house in Sutri, a small village outside of Rome.