Thursday, July 19, 2007

roadside two

The White Cottage is a local haunt. You take route 4 through our village of Woodstock and head west. With it's retro facade and red and white awnings, it's the classic roadside burger joint/clam shack, and can't be missed. Or shouldn't be. Open since 1957, its menu is a true expression of mid-century roadfood. Its tables are full from Memorial Day through Labor Day, and often well into September. The current word is that the owner is from Brazil, and several young Brazilians work the kitchen and order windows. A Brazilian flag hangs alongside the American. Because of the foreign exchange flair, you feel like you could be sitting at a breezy seaside spot somewhere else other than deep New England. (Or given all the other elements, you can still be in New England. Whichever you prefer.) They offer succulent burgers and dogs, as well as more modern considerations--a veggie burger, a ceasar salad. There are the classic clams, served fried whole-bellied or strips. To finish there is both soft and hardserve icecream, and banana splits. Take your tray down to the riverside and dine at a picnic table under the shade of a big maple. We often go for the burger. A word of advice: as long as we've lived here, through various short order cooks and owners, the medium burger is always medium-rare, medium-well is medium. On a good day, the fries are crisp and salty.

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