Sunday, July 1, 2007

sunday morning from Morocco

Last Sunday, friends came to visit for the morning. It was one of those blue sky days, the kind that takes your breath away. We toured the gardens, marveling at the opulence of the roses, some found on the property, others collected over the years, and at the absurdity of the peonies, ours a deep wine red with yellow centers. Our garden is a bit sauvage, particularly wild with mint: nepeta, or cat mint, common mint, and spearmint. Our friend Sheryl told us of a fresh mint tea they drank in Morocco this winter. We cut a handful of common mint and spearmint and poured hot water right over the fresh leaves and stems in our teacups. We spent the morning talking of exotic tastes, hot weather, and winter gardens. Now, we are serving fresh mint tea from our garden at the restaurant (osteria pane e salute), the succulent green leaves making a fragrant bouquet for the end of the meal.

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